IV Practice Arm Review

An IV training arm or phlebotomy training arm provides a true-to-life experience for medical students to learn how to draw blood like a professional before working on patients. These realistic IV training arms feature the cephalic and basilic veins. Students can practice phlebotomy and IV procedures on the ventral arm, and the dorsum of the hand. The IV practice arm veins are usually palpable or partially visible, thus providing a realistic feeling when entering the blood vein. You will feel like you are treating a live patient. The realistic touch and feel of the phlebotomy practice arm make it ideal for lab phlebotomy instruction and student practice. The IV practice arms have a durable design that can withstand hundreds of punctures as it reseals after every needle stick.


A phlebotomy training arm kit usually includes one arm with two clips metal stand, adult IV tubes, IV fluid bottles, butterfly or regular needle, syringes, and connectors. These IV therapy practice arms are also available in either a light or a dark complexion skin color.

A venipuncture practice kit is an excellent complement to the IV practice kit, and you will get thorough training on phlebotomy with the combo. A venipuncture kit includes real medical instruments to help you master the basics of injection, phlebotomy, and IV skills.

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  1. When I went through nursing school our training arm had so many holes in it from previous students. It was nothing like working on the real thing.

    Very interesting!

  2. Fascinating read Richard , tecnhical but easy enough for me to understand. I feel better educated around the subject now, thanks


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