What is Surgical Skin Stapler?

Skin Staplers are also called Surgical skin Staplers or Wound Staplers. These are medical instruments used in hospitals for medical operations. They are generally used for skin or wound closure and are also considered as an alternative to traditional sutures and needles. In outdoor emergencies, skin staplers provide a quicker, safer alternative solution to suturing. These little devices are handy and easy to use. It also makes it very convenient for surgeons during surgery. Research studies have shown that skin staplers usually speed up closure time by 80%, yield similar cosmetic results with no increase in complications, compared to traditional suturing[1]. The infection rate of wounds after the procedure was also lower significantly. This greatly increases the chance of survival in an emergency situation.

Skin stapler is much like a paper stapler. This device inserts a staple into the tissue and then bends the ends of the staple towards each other. This procedure put the staples at the wound to connect the surrounding tissue and make it easy for healing and recovery. Absorbable staples are also available, and they are usually made with polyglycolic acid. Surgical skin staplers on the market typically come as a skin stapler kit for customers’ convenience. The kit usually comes with a skin surgical skin stapler and a surgical staple remover, making it convenient to perform surgical staple removal when the wound heals. You can easily find these stapler kits on Amazon.com, like the one below from Matrix Wizard.

[1]dos Santos, Luiz R. Medina, et al. “Prospective study using skin staplers in head and neck surgery.” The American journal of surgery 170.5 (1995): 451-452.

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  1. You have chosen a very interesting topic to share with what is a surgical skin stapler, and even though I have known this exists in surgery I never really thought about how they applied the staples in our skin after surgery.

    The photo actually gave me the feeling of the pain people experience after surgery


    • Thanks for finding it interesting! Using a stapler alleviates the pain comparing to using traditional suturing. Cheers!

    • Exactly! It’s quick and simple to use. Definitely save a lot of valuable time when dealing with an emergency situation.


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